The Beautiful Letdown: A Theology of Hope and Suffering

What has let you down, where have you landed, where will we go now?

Welcome to the Beautiful Letdown, a theological resource dedicated to our own transformation and creating the justice and equity of the Kingdom of God in the world.

The Book, An Addict’s Theology of Addiction

One of the most widely accepted ways of describing an addiction is as a disease, but do we realize what we are saying when we describe it that way? Our current language and approach to addiction is not only lacking in depth but is keeping us blind to an amazing way that God is working in each and every one of us. What if our addictions are not broken parts of us that we have to get rid of, but invitations from God to new depth and transformation? When we are able to hold this experience gently and look at it anew, it reveals a new depth to how we can understand ourselves, our suffering, and God. For too long we have been trying to treat addiction like a disease, and tear it out by the root, but we are invited to something more in our humanity; something that we will never find if we continue to wish away our suffering. Author David Tremaine explores the possibilities of understanding addiction not as a diseased part of our humanity, but as a blessed part of our spiritual journey, and sheds new light on this deeply engrained experience of God.

Praise for The Beautiful Letdown

“This is a brave, courageous, compelling, theologically thoughtful, and a deeply hopeful book. David Tremaine has written a remarkable book that will stay with you. In an area where good theological writing is scarce, this book has set a high standard. It will be widely read and become the standard in the field.”

–Ian S. Markham, Dean, President, Professor of Theology and Ethics Virginia Theological Seminary

About The Author

David Tremaine is a husband, father, author, and recovering sex addict. He has been sober since March of 2014. He holds a Master of Divinity degree from Virginia Theological Seminary where he graduated in 2016. He is currently the Minister of Formation at Good Samaritan Episcopal Church in San Diego, and the co-founder of Faith To Go, an online resources for individual faith reflection and family faith discussion on the go.

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